Cosmos Online Holiday Reading

Cosmos Magazine have posted the finals story in their holiday reading lineup–SuperNovarian Claire McKenna’s “The marriage of the corn king”.

My husband’s blood is 100 proof ethanol and my jailer cops a bucket of the stuff as he plunges below the flaming lintel, and one of my husband’s fingers, thrown, sets him alight. Diesel farmers don’t think in terms of low-temperature vaporisation, so he doesn’t run like he should have done, and all it took from me was that tiny flame and suddenly all that sunlight and photons and C4 photosynthesis and energy dense biomass makes him hot and hot and burn and burn and burn…

But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

Every process has a start, a moment of ignition, and I could point to several: the Sorrow, the Deconstruction, the Scatterings and Forgetting, the Falling-Down and The Casting-Up, the Migration of Millions, the Longer March. But all of these are indirect to me, for I was not born when those things happened, so it is Kasey who is first in my mind, striding through the transgenic corn fields in a polyester dress the colour of cellulose slurry. She can call up storms, Kasey. Not the regular kind, but the secret understorms that move within people.

You can read the full story here.