New stories for the end of the year

cold comfort by david mcdonaldSuperNova members David McDonald and Aidan Doyle have landed some cool publications in time for the new year.

David has had a three-story collection, Cold Comfort and Other Tales, published digitally by Clan Destine Press; and Aidan has had ‘Science fiction: Undeleted‘ published in Cosmos magazine’s holiday reading selection online.

Happy new year!

Review of The Streetking on Black Gate

A wonderful review of Peter Hickman’s “The Streetking” has gone up at Black Gate magazine:

There was only one heroic fantasy story in the November issues of Beneath Ceaseless Skies#160‘s “The Streetking” by Peter Hickman. It’s a marvelous tale of a street criminal and the young noble girl who comes to sell him stolen jewelery. Over time she comes down to the streets herself. With her “mineshaft mind”, they become a formidable pair. So much so that they run afoul of the lord of the underworld, the Streetking.

The highlight of the story is the street argot Hickman’s created for his narrator’s voice. It’s got the right amount of slang and original syntax to sound believable.

You can read the full review here.