Time Trips Down Under

In news that will delight Doctor Who fans everywhere, the latest release in the Time Trips series brings the Doctor and Jo to Australia! Written by one of Australia’s most successful authors, SuperNOVA member Trudi Canavan, Salt of the Earth brings a very Australian touch to the greatest sci fi series ever made.

The Third Doctor and Jo Grant arrive for a well-deserved holiday of sun and ‘blokarting’ on a salt lake in Australia in 2028. Weird sculptures adorn the landscape – statues carved from the salt. People have been leaving them in the salt lakes for years – but these look different. Grotesque, distorted figures twisted in pain. They don’t last long in the rain and the wind, but they’re just made of salt… Aren’t they?

Time Trips – groundbreaking Doctor Who adventures by some of the most respected writers in the Universe. Short stories that are bigger on the inside…

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Galaxy’s Edge #7 ToC released

The ToC for the latest issue of Galaxy’s Edge, edited by Mike Resnick, has been released and contains one of our very own SuperNOVArians. Congratulations to Steve Cameron on his first pro sale, certainly only the first of many more to come. You can read Steve’s story (and stories from a host of other great writers) for free on their site.

The full Table of Contents is as follows:

The Editor’s Word

Cassandra by C.J. Cherryh
Holland: 1944 by Steve Cameron
Cordle to Onion to Carrot by Robert Sheckley
Pallbearers by Martin L. Shoemaker
Werehunter by Mercedes Lackey
The Tour Guide by Lou J. Berger
Faster Gun by Elizabeth Bear
The Nechronomator by Brad R. Torgersen
In a Green Dress, Surrounded by Exploding Clowns by Robert T. Jeschonek
One Sunday in Neptune by Alexei Panshin

Lest Darkness Fall (Part 1) by L. Sprague de Camp

From the Heart’s Basement by Barry Malzberg
Science Column by Greg Benford
Book Reviews by Paul Cook