Speculative Fiction 2012: The Best Online Reviews, Essays and Commentary

From the website:

Speculative Fiction 2012: The Best Online Reviews, Essays and Commentary announced its lineup of contributors, Wednesday. Edited by bloggers Justin Landon (Staffer’s Book Review- US) and Jared Shurin (Pornokitsch – UK), SpecFic ’12 collects over fifty pieces from science fiction and fantasy’s top authors, bloggers and critics.

There is a great lineup of contributors including SuperNOVA’s own Foz Meadows, whose blogging has seen her take her place at the cutting edge of internet commentary.

(also great to see fellow Aussie Tansy Rayner Roberts featured too!)

Joe Abercrombie
Daniel Abraham
Niall Alexander
Elizabeth Bear
Rob Berg
Liz Bourke
Maurice Broaddus
Myke Cole
Kate Elliott
Katherine Farmar
Chris Gerwel
Christopher Garcia
Daniel Goodman
Ana Grilo
Niall Harrison
Dan Hartland
Matt Hilliard
Kameron Hurley
Thea James
NK Jemisin
Paul Kincaid
Lady Business
Justin Landon
Rose Lemberg
Rochita Loenen-Ruiz
Cynthia Martinez
Tim Maughan
Foz Meadows
Jonathan McCalmont
Martin McGrath
Aidan Moher
Ken Neth
Larry Nolen
Abigail Nussbaum
Christopher Priest
Stefan Raets
Adam Roberts
Tansy Rayner Roberts
CS Samulski
Penny Schenk
Jared Shurin
Ro Smith
Maureen K. Speller
Aishwarya Subramanian
Matthew Surridge
Sam Sykes
Gav Thorpe
Lavie Tidhar

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