Mulwala spring writers retreat

Peter and Bren get seriousThis weekend, Supernova held its first official writers retreat at Lake Mulwala, near Yarrawonga on the border of Victoria and NSW. Huzzah!

Twelve intrepid drinkers… er writers have gathered for up to four days in a five-bedroom mansion with six sofas and a 10-seater kitchen table to dedicate ourselves to writing — with a fair bit of socialising and intellectual debate thrown in.

For the past three days there have been writers sitting around the table… writers reclining (with computers) on the sofas… writers with bad backs standing at sideboards… writers snoozing (after big nights of afore-mentioned debate)… writers outside on the deck…

The house itself is located right at the edge of the lake, where flock cockatoos, swallows, seagulls, swans and even the occasional pelican. This morning, I enjoyed a delightful couple of hours with my computer in the morning sunshine, reclined on our private jetty, being courted by a graceful black swan and mischievous diving swallows.

And just now, tonight, a glorious orange moon climbing above the horizon, leaving a shimmering reflection across the lake.

There have been many words written — I think most of us are relatively happy with productivity — and much fun had. Not least of which was an afternoon’s excursion to the Rutherglen wine region.

I don’t think any of us want to go home tomorrow… I know I don’t. So I guess we’ll just have to come back again another time.

3 Comments on “Mulwala spring writers retreat”

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