WSFA Award finalists

tales of australia great southern land by satalyte publishingThe Washington Science Fiction Association has announced the finalists for its Small Press Award for Short Fiction, and we’re away of three Aussies on the list of eight: DK Mok for ‘Morning Star’ in One Small Step by FableCroft, and Sean McMullen and SuperNovarian David McDonald for stories in Tales of Australia: Great Southern Land, by Satalyte Publishing. Winners are to be announced next month. Read the full list here.

The Australian Spec Fic Snapshot 2014 – SuperNOVA Edition

SnaphotLogo2014The Aussie Snapshot has taken place four times in the past 10 years. In 2005, Ben Peek spent a frantic week interviewing 43 people in the Australian spec fic scene, and since then, it’s grown every time, now taking a team of interviewers working together to accomplish!

In the lead up to the World Science Fiction Convention in London, they have been blogging interviews for Snapshot 2014, conducted by Tsana Dolichva, Nick Evans, Stephanie Gunn, Kathryn Linge, Elanor Matton-Johnson, David McDonald, Helen Merrick, Jason Nahrung, Ben Payne, Alex Pierce, Tansy Rayner Roberts, Helen Stubbs, Katharine Stubbs, Tehani Wessely and Sean Wright.

A number of SuperNOVA members were interviewed, and you can read them here:

Aidan Doyle
Amie Kaufman
Andrew Macrae
Claire McKenna
David McDonald
Deborah Kalin
Foz Meadows
Jason Nahrung
Jason Franks
Keith Stevenson
Kirstyn McDermott
Lucy Sussex
Michelle Goldsmith
Pete Aldin
Rjurik Davidson
Steve Cameron
Talie Helene
Tracie McBride
Trudi Canavan

AHWA Short Story and Flash Fiction Competition 2014 Winners Announced

The Australian Horror Writers Association have announced the results of their annual Short Story and Flash Fiction Competition. Congratulations to SuperNOVArian, Natalie Potts, for her honourable mention!

You can find some fascinating stats regarding the competition here.

Short Story Winner:
“Sundown” by Keith Williams

Short Story Honorable Mentions:
“A Simple Road Relocation” by Bruce Graham
“Glow” by Natalie J E Potts

Flash Fiction Winner:
“What Came Through” by Stuart Olver

Flash Fiction Honorable Mentions:
“The Heat of the Moment” by Pete Kempshall
“The AVM Initiative” by Rebecca Fraser
“Homecoming” by Anthony Ferguson

Fablecroft announces ToCs for two new anthologies

Fablecroft Publishing have announced the line ups for two new spec fic anthologies, Insert Title Here and Phantazein, with a SuperNOVA writer in each one (in italics).

TOC – Phantazein

Faith Mudge Twelfth
Tansy Rayner Roberts The love letters of swans
Thoraiya Dyer Bahamut
Rabia Gale The village of no women
Jenny Blackford Golden Eyes
Suzanne J. Willis Rag and bone heart
Nicole Murphy A Cold Day
Vida Cruz How the Jungle Got Its Spirit Guardian
Stacey Larner Kneaded
Charlotte Nash The Ghost of Hephaestus
Cat Sparks The Seventh Relic
Foz Meadows Dragon poem

TOC – Insert Title Here

Kathleen Jennings The Last Case of Detective Charlemagne
Joanne Anderton 2B
DK Mok Almost Days
Matthew Morrison Sins of meals past
Tom Dullemond The Last Voyage of Saint Brendan
Dirk Flinthart Collateral Damage
Dan Simpson The Winter Stream
Darren Goossens Circle
Alan Baxter Beyond the Borders of All He Had Been Taught
Thoraiya Dyer The Falcon Races
Robert Hood Footprints in Venom
Caitlene Cooke Circa
Tamlyn Dreaver Reflections
David McDonald Her face like lightning
Marianne de Pierres Salvatrix
Dan Rabarts Oil and bone
Ian Creasey Ministry of Karma
Stephanie Burgis The art of deception
Marissa Lingen & Alec Austin Empty Monuments
Sara Larner Living in the Light
Alexis A. Hunter Always Another Point

For those interested in the arcane art of rejectomancy, you can check out the submission stats for Insert Title Here here.

Clan Destine Press signs SuperNOVA writers

Some exciting news from Aussie pubslisher, Clan Destine Press, with the announcement that they have signed up a number of SuperNOVA authors.

From the website:

  • Jason Nahrung, very well known in the darker corners of the spec-fic world, is bringing two action vampire novels to CDP. Blood and Dust and The Big Smoke are action-packed very-Australian novels that form the Outback Vampire Mechanic duology. They will be out in paperback and eBook very soon.
  • Pete Aldin – Eventide is just the kind of cross-genre extravaganza that we love here at CDP. It’s a sci-fi crime thriller. Eventide is Pete’s debut novel but he’s been out in the world writing short fiction for a few years and is a member of the Chelsea Dark Fiction Writers’ Circle.
  • David McDonald – Cold Comfort joins the Clan Destine Fictions imprint for short stories and short collections. We’re hoping David has more to add!


CDP Poster

2014 Ditmar Award Winners Announced

At the Continuum X Natcon the winners of the Ditmar Awards were announced, and SuperNOVA members Kirstyn McDermott and David McDonald both won awards. Kirstyn’s amazing collection, Caution: Contains Small Parts, also received a “Highly Commended” in the Norma K Hemming Award.

Congratulations to all the winners and finalists!


Best Novel

Winner: Fragments of a Broken Land: Valarl Undead, Robert Hood (Wildside)
Ink Black Magic, Tansy Rayner Roberts (FableCroft)
The Beckoning, Paul Collins (Damnation Books)
Trucksong, Andrew Macrae (Twelfth Planet)
The Only Game in the Galaxy: The Maximus Black Files 3, Paul Collins (Ford Street)

Best Novella or Novelette
Winner: The Home for Broken Dolls, Kirstyn McDermott (Caution: Contains Small Parts)
Prickle Moon, Juliet Marillier (Prickle Moon)
The Year of Ancient Ghosts, Kim Wilkins (The Year of Ancient Ghosts)
By Bone-Light, Juliet Marillier (Prickle Moon)
What Amanda Wants, Kirstyn McDermott (Caution: Contains Small Parts)

Best Short Story
Winner: Scarp, Cat Sparks (The Bride Price)
Mah Song, Joanne Anderton (The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories)
Air, Water and the Grove, Kaaron Warren (The Lowest Heaven)
Seven Days in Paris, Thoraiya Dyer (Asymmetry)
Not the Worst of Sins, Alan Baxter (Beneath Ceaseless Skies #133)
Cold White Daughter, Tansy Rayner Roberts (One Small Step)

Best Collected Work
Winner: The Bride Price, Cat Sparks (Ticonderoga)
The Back of the Back of Beyond, Edwina Harvey (Peggy Bright Books)
Asymmetry, Thoraiya Dyer (Twelfth Planet)
Caution: Contains Small Parts, Kirstyn McDermott (Twelfth Planet)
The Bone Chime Song and Other Stories, Joanne Anderton (FableCroft)

Best Artwork
Winner: Rules of Summer, Shaun Tan (Hachette Australia)
Cover art, Eleanor Clarke, for The Back of the Back of Beyond (Peggy Bright Books)
Illustrations, Kathleen Jennings, for Eclipse Online (Nightshade)
Cover art, Shauna O’Meara, for Next (CSFG)
Cover art, Cat Sparks, for The Bride Price (Ticonderoga)
Cover art, Pia Ravenari, for Prickle Moon (Ticonderoga)

Best Fan Writer
Winner: Sean Wright, for body of work, including reviews in Adventures of a Bookonaut
Tsana Dolichva, for body of work, including reviews and interviews in Tsana’s Reads and Reviews
Grant Watson, for body of work, including reviews in The Angriest
Foz Meadows, for body of work, including reviews in Shattersnipe: Malcontent & Rainbows
Alexandra Pierce, for body of work, including reviews in Randomly Yours, Alex
Tansy Rayner Roberts, for body of work, including essays and reviews at

Best Fan Artist
Winner: Kathleen Jennings, for body of work, including Illustration Friday
Nalini Haynes, for body of work, including Defender of the Faith, The Suck Fairy, Doctor Who Vampire, and The Last Cyberman in Dark Matter
Dick Jenssen, for body of work, including cover art for Interstellar Ramjet Scoop and SF Commentary

Best Fan Publication in Any Medium
Winner: Galactic Chat Podcast, Sean Wright, Alex Pierce, Helen Stubbs, David McDonald, & Mark Webb
Dark Matter Zine, Nalini Haynes
SF Commentary, Bruce Gillespie
The Writer and the Critic, Kirstyn McDermott & Ian Mond
The Coode Street Podcast, Gary K. Wolfe & Jonathan Strahan
Galactic Suburbia, Alisa Krasnostein, Alex Pierce, & Tansy Rayner Roberts

Best New Talent
Winner: Zena Shapter
Michelle Goldsmith
Faith Mudge
Jo Spurrier
Stacey Larner

William Atheling Jr. Award for Criticism or Review
Winner (tie): The Reviewing New Who series, David McDonald, Tansy Rayner Roberts, & Tehani Wessely
Winner (tie): Galactic Suburbia Episode 87: Saga Spoilerific Book Club, Alisa Krasnostein, Alex Pierce, & Tansy Rayner Roberts
Reviews in Randomly Yours, Alex, Alexandra Pierce
Things Invisible: Human and Ab-Human in Two of Hodgson’s Carnacki stories, Leigh Blackmore, in Sargasso: The Journal of William Hope Hodgson Studies #1 (Ulthar)
A Puppet’s Parody of Joy: Dolls, Puppets and Mannikins as Diabolical Other, Leigh Blackmore, in Ramsey Campbell: Critical Essays on the Master of Modern Horror (Scarecrow)
That was then, this is now: how my perceptions have changed, George Ivanoff, in Doctor Who and Race (Intellect)

Also presented at the ceremony were:

Peter McNamara Award
Garth Nix

Norma K Hemming Award
Winner: Rupetta, N. A. Sulway (Tartarus UK)
Highly commended: A Very Unusual Pursuit – City of Orphans, Catherine Jinks (Allen & Unwin)
Highly commended: Caution: Contains Small Parts, Kirstyn McDermott (Twelfth Planet)
Dark Serpent, Kylie Chan (HarperVoyager)
Fairytales for Wilde Girls, Allyse Near (Random House)
Trucksong, Andrew Macrae (Twelfth Planet)

2014 Chronos Awards

Best Long Fiction

Gamers’ Rebellion, George Ivanoff (Ford Street)

Best Short Fiction

No Award

Best Artwork

Rules of Summer, Shaun Tan (Hachette Australia)

Best Fan Publication in any Medium

SF Commentary, Bruce Gillespie, ed.

Best Achievement

Gamers’ Rebellion book trailer by Henry Gibbens



2014 Chronos Awards Voting now open

The 2014 Chronos Award (the Victorian awards for excellence in speculative fiction) ballot has been released, and features a number of SuperNOVA members (highlighted in bold below).

The voting period closes on 25th May 2014. The voting ballot can be found below.

Please email your votes to

2014 Nominees are as follows:

Professional Categories:

Best Long Fiction (including collected works)

* Gamers’ Rebellion by George Ivanoff (Ford Street Publishing)
* This Mutant Life: A Neo-Pulp Anthology edited by Ben Langdon (Kalamity Press)
* The Beckoning by Paul Collins (Damnation Books)
* Tales of Australia: Great Southern Land edited by Stephen C. Ormsby and Carol Bond (Satalyte Publishing)
* Caution: Contains Small Parts by Kirstyn McDermott (Twelfth Planet Press)
* No Award

Best Short Fiction

* “Fairy Pie” by George Ivanoff in Stories for Girls (Random House Australia)
* No Award

Best Artwork

* Rules of Summer by Shaun Tan (Hachette Australia)
* No Award

Fan Categories:

Best Fan Publication in any Medium

* The Angriest by Grant Watson
* SF Commentary edited by Bruce Gillespie
* No Award

Special Award for works not eligible in existing categories:

Best Achievement

* Gamers’ Rebellion book trailer by Henry Gibbens
*No Award

There were insufficient nominations for any of the finalists in the Best Fan Artist, Best Fan Written Work, and Best Fan Art Work categories. The Best Fan Writer category has been withdrawn this year as the only nominee on the ballot declined the nomination.

The key dates for the 2014 Chronos Awards are:

Nominations Open: Sunday 26 January 2014
Nominations Close: Sunday 16 March 2014
Voting Opens: Sunday 30 March 2014
Voting Closes: Sunday 25 May 2014

The 2014 Chronos Awards for excellence in Victorian science fiction in 2013 will be presented at Continuum 10: Carnival of Lost Souls, June 6-9 2014.


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